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Advocado makes it possible for advertisers to connect with consumers during that precise moment when they want to know, go, do or buy something. We use signals from the offline world to trigger actions across digital platforms, and track user behavior by the second. The result? Increased campaign effectiveness, proven ROI and omnichannel attribution measurement.


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Use TV to Boost Search

Our patented watermark means you can use your  TV commercial as a real time trigger for bidding adjustments to your existing Google campaign.  Boost your bids at the keyword, ad group, campaign or account level in perfect synchronization with TV and drive more website traffic and engagement, conversions and sales in the micro-moment.

Maximize Sponsorships

If your advertising strategy involves sponsorships, use our natural language processing to detect spoken words and phrases related to your brand and trigger digital campaigns in those valuable moments. Power up your sports and news sponsorships and track the results with unprecedented visibility.

Synchronize Programmatic and Linear

Automatically adjust your bids for digital, OTT and CTV impressions when your linear commercials on TV or radio are detected. Our software connects with major DSPs to execute real-time bid adjustments, enabling you to reach your target audience in multiple environments.

Use Weather to Activate Digital Campaigns

Our best-in-class weather detection system lets you activate search, social and programmatic campaigns based on specific conditions, events or forecasts that create intent among consumers.

Conquest Your Competition

Your search, social, shopping and programmatic campaigns can be optimized to run when your competitor’s TV or radio commercial airs, enabling you to harvest consumer interest and intent.

Drive More Leads and Conversions

Activating your campaigns in perfect synchronization with relevant offline signals, like a linear commercial or weather event, drives more consumers to your website. Our proprietary website tracking tag measures performance based on the KPIs that you establish.
With the mass penetration and universal nature of smartphones, consumers now react in real-time to advertisements and broadcast information that motivate them to respond, either online or by phone. MicroMoment+ is revolutionary for advertisers, who can now capture every step of a customer’s journey through the sales process, from attributing how they first discovered a product or service, to the eventual result of the click or call, and everything in between!

Brian Handrigan

CEO | Advocado

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